26-year old Brazilian security guard confesses to murdering 39 people

A Brazilian security guard aged just 26-years-old, has confessed to the murder of 39 people.¬†Thiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha from Brazil was arrested by police yesterday. But the arrest was not over the murders – rather from stealing a numberplate at a supermarket in Goiania in January. It wasn’t until he was arrested that he confessed to the killings.

His victims include 16 women, homeless people and transvestites. His youngest was a 14-year old girl killed in a park in January.

Thiago lived with him mother in the Goias state capital, Goiania. His mode of killing was to shoot his victims from his motorbike while shouting “robbery”. However, he would always leave the scene taking nothing from them. When he was arrested his “killing kit” was discovered which included handcuffs, a hammer and knives.

After he had been arrested, he confessed to the killings which he put down to the ‘fury he felt against everything’, which only subsided when committing murder.

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