Early Charles Manson pictures emerge

Early pictures of the notorious killer Charles Manson have surfaced showing a different picture than the usual wide eyed, swastika tattooed pictures. teenage-charles-mansonBiographer Jeff Guinn says the images paint a truer face of the killer and not the fake life he created of his childhood.

But trouble wasn’t too far away in his youth – the picture below shows him when he was sentenced to “Boys Town” – a reformatory school.  He escaped four days after he was sent there.
The Manson Family story lives in infamy. On the 8th August 1969 the band of followers to Charles Manson killed Sharon Tate and three of her friends at her Beverly Hills home. Sharon Tate was then married to Roman Polanski and was pregnant with his child when stabbed to death. The Manson family continued to cause terror in the community when it murdered business owners Leno and Rosemary La Bianca.

charles-manson-youngManson is still serving his life sentence in a California prison but had always claimed that it was society that turned him into a “monster” – but his family disagree. Manson’s sister, Nancy and cousin JoAnn paint a different picture of his early life. They say he always had a desire towards manipulation and violence even from the tender age of 5.

Nancy says, ‘He was a ‘disagreeable child. Even at a young age lied about everything and, when he got into trouble for telling fibs or breaking things or any of the other innumerable misdeeds he committed on a daily basis, Charlie always blamed somebody else for his actions. The child was also obsessed with being the centre of attention.’

JoAnn, whose parents raised Manson in their home in McMechen, West Virginia, for several years, ‘There was never anything happy about him. He never did anything good.’

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