Introducing the Criminal Profiling: Victimology book

criminal-profiling-bookInterested in reading more about Criminal Profiling? The book Criminal Profiling: Victimology is now available to buy directly from Amazon on your Kindle. It’s also available for free if you’re an Amazon Kindle Unlimited member.

One review stated: “Awesome tool for law enforcement to help in investigations of criminal acts or cases, that needs to be analyzed from a scientific stand point.”

The book is part of a study that looks at how Victimology aids in the analysis and understanding of different elements of criminal behavior, and how that understanding contributes to profiling the criminal. It focuses on the crime victim and the relationship that exists between them, and the offender, and examines this intricate victim-offender relationship within the context of violent crime such as assault, rape, and murder, discussing various elements including motive, modus operandi, and risk.

This text focuses on victim profiling within two current models: The Behavioral Science model used by the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit; and the Investigative Psychology model, predominately used by experts in the United Kingdom.

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