Most Dangerous Cities In America

St. Louis reclaimed the title of America’s most dangerous city, which it last held in 2002, based on crime statistics

Detroit was the second most dangerous city, while Flint, Michigan, and Compton, California, were third and fourth, respectively. Camden, New Jersey, most dangerous in last year’s rankings, fell to fifth.

The survey is based on 2005 crime rates per 100,000 population for six basic categories — murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft. It included 371 cities with populations over 75,000 that report the data to the FBI.

The cities ranked safest were mostly wealthier suburban and rural communities, led by Brick Township, New Jersey, on the state’s central Atlantic shore. Amherst, New York, near Buffalo, was second, followed by Mission Viejo, California, south of Los Angeles; Newton, Massachusetts, near Boston, and Troy, Michigan, a Detroit suburb.

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