Nurse kills up to 38 patients because they annoyed her

An Italian nurse was arrested over the weekend over the alleged killing of 78-year old patient Rosa Calderoni, who died after being injected with potassium. It’s further alleged the nurse could be responsible for the deaths of up to 38 other patients.

The reason? Because either the patient or their families had annoyed her, according to Italian police.

The 42-year old nurse from the town of Lugo was arrested after Calderoni was admitted to hospital with a routine illness. After her unexpected death an investigation began which found 38 other patients had died while she was on duty. ews agency reported.

According to CEN, one of Poggiali’s fellow nurses described her as a “cold person but always eager to work.”

Another one of Poggiali’s colleagues said the accused nurse was once reported for giving powerful laxatives to patients at the end of her shift to make work tougher for nurses working after her.

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