State Agency Crime Victim Compensation Program – Utah

UTAH Office of Crime Victim Reparations Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice 350 East 500 South, Suite 200 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 (801) 238-2360 FAX: (801) 533-4127 1-800-621-7144

Created in 1986 the program handles both compensation and administration of VOCA assistance funding. Board members are appointed to four-year terms by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate, and must include a member of the state Bar, a victim of violent crime, a physician, a mental health care provider, a law enforcement officer, and two private citizens. Director: Dan R. Davis Board: R. Chad Halversen, M.D. (chair), LaDawn Prue (vice chair), David M. Tomb, M.D., Nancy Wright, Afton Ririe, Sidney Groll, Mark L. Shurtleff FUNDING The program receives 35% of all fines, penalties, forfeitures, and surcharges, including DUI cases. An annual VOCA grant is received. BENEFITS Maximum award: $25,000; $50,000 for medical expenses in homicide, attempted homicide, aggregated assault or drunk-driving PROCEDURES Decision-making authority rests with the reparations officer (claims specialist) under the director’s supervision. All expenses must be submitted within three years of the date of the application, except that board may review extenuating circumstances. Appeals: Applicant has 20 days to appeal the program’s decision. At the discretion of the director, appeals may be heard by the director, the reparations officer, or the board. A subsequent appeal may be made in district court. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Reporting period: 7 days Filing period: 1 year Exceptions: Reasonable exception to reporting period because of injury or age; filing period may be extended to 1 year after 18th birthday for child victims Compensable Costs (with limits) Medical expenses Mental health counseling: $2,500 for primary victims; $l,000 for immediate family members in homicide and child abuse eases, and for children in domestic violence; may be extended after peer review. Inpatient treatment: $600 per day. Residential treatment: $300 daily; day treatment: $200 per day. Per hour limits: for psychiatrists, $125 for individual family therapy, $62.50 for groups; for psychologists, $85 for individual and family, $42.50 for groups; for LCSW, MSW, marriage/family therapist, $65 for individual/family, $32.50 for group therapy. Lost wages/support: $509 per week for 12 weeks (may be extended by board); includes lost wages to attend trial and funeral Funerals: $4,000 Relocation: $2,000 in moving expenses; rent for domestic violence and child abuse up to $1,800 or three months Replacement services: housekeeping/child care Crime~scene cleanup/property damage: $1,500 for cleanup, locks, and personal property essential to health/safety (may be increased) Travel: $500 maximum to obtain treatment or attend criminal proceedings (may be increased) Rehabilitation Attorney fees: only when appeal overturns decision or when minors require assistance in establishing trust or determining guardianship; limited to 15% of award Emergency awards available Utah

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