State Agency Crime Victim Compensation Program – Vermont

VERMONT Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services Victims Compensation Program 103 South Main St. Waterbury, VT 05671-2001 (802) 241-1250 FAX: (802) 241-1253 1-800-750-1213 (in-state only) (voice and TTY)

Established in 1990, the program handles compensation and administers VOCA assistance funding as well as the state Victim Assistance Program, the Family Violence Prevention Services Act Fund, and Violence Against Women Act funds. Decision-making authority rests with a Victims Compensation Board consisting of five members appointed by the governor to three-year terms; one member must be a physician, one must be an attorney, one must be a crime victim, and two are public members. Executive Director: Lori Hayes Board: Michael Hartman (chair), Henrietta Jordan, Toby Sadkin, Helen Torino, Susan Russell FUNDING The program receives $12.50 of a $17.50 surcharge on all criminal convictions. The program receives an annual VOCA grant. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Reporting period: No set period Filing period: No set period PROCEDURES The compensation specialist consults with the executive director prior to determining eligibility and approving claims. The board meets monthly to review decisions. Appeals: Applicant has 30 days to respond in writing with additional information. The board will reconsider the claim at the next meeting by which additional information has been received, at which time a final decision is made. BENEFITS Maximum award: $10,000 Compensable Costs (limits may be exceeded in special circumstances when approved by the board) Medical expenses Mental health counseling: up to 20 sessions with treatment plan, may request extensions at 20-session increments for crime-related symptoms still needing treatment; limit of $50 per individual session; $35 per group session Lost wages/support: $1,500 per month maximum; also may be paid for time lost to attend funeral and criminal proceedings Funerals: $4,500 Moving expenses Replacement services Crime-scene cleanup and security systems: $1,500 Travel: 30 cents per mile to obtain medical and counseling assistance; up to $1,500 per person (victims and survivors) for travel expenses, food and lodging to attend court hearings, trial and funeral Rehabilitation: physical therapy, chiropractic, self-defense classes, alternative therapies if recommended by physician or mental health professional Emergency awards. Vermont

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