State Agency Crime Victim Compensation Program – Virgin Islands

VIRGIN ISLANDS Criminal Victims Compensation Commission Department of Human Services Knud Hanson Complex, Building A 1303 Hospital Ground Charlotte Annalie, VI 00802 (340) 774-0930, ext. 4104 FAX: (340) 774-3466

Created in 1968, a four-person commission consisting of the Commissioner of Human Services, Commissioner of Health, Commissioner of Police, and the Attorney General is authorized to make determinations on applications. Executive Secretary: Sedonie Halbert Administrator: Brenda Harrigan-Walwin FUNDING The program receives an annual appropriation, as well as a VOCA grant. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Reporting period: 24 hours Filing period: Must notify commission of intention to file within 90 days; application must be filed within 2 years Exceptions: Good cause PROCEDURES The program administrator performs all work in investigating and documenting the application. A copy of the report and recommendation made by the administrator to the commission is sent to the victim, who is given an opportunity to respond. The commission meets once or twice each quarter to make decisions on applications. Appeals: Applicant may appeal the commission’s decision into the court system within a reasonable time. BENEFITS Maximum award: $25,000 Compensable Costs (with limits) Medical expenses Mental health counseling: 10 sessions @$75 per session Lost wages/support: 2/3 of net wages for disabled victims; in homicides, a scale determines benefits, which are not to exceed $20,000 for spouse and $5,000 for dependents Funerals: $2,500; may include travel to funeral for closest relatives Replacement services Travel: in extraordinary circumstances (off- island medical care) transportation can be paid (requires medical referral) Pain and suffering: award scale based on seriousness of crime and injury Attorney fees: 2% of awards of $1,000 or less; 5% of awards over $1,000

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