State Agency Crime Victim Compensation Program – Virginia

VIRGINIA Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Workers’ Compensation Commission 11513 Allecingie Pkwy. Richmond, VA 23235 (804) 378-3434 FAX: (804) 378-4390 1-800-552-4007

The fund was created in 1976 as a division within the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Appeals are heard by the commission. Director: Robert Armstrong FUNDING The program receives $30 for each felony, $20 for each misdemeanor, and $20 for each drunk driving conviction. The assessments are automatic. The program receives an annual VOCA grant. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Reporting period: 5 days Filing period: 1 year Exceptions: For just cause, filing period may be extended to 2 years Minimum loss: $100 PROCEDURES Applicants must provide necessary information within 180 days. The program director makes a final determination on all claims. Appeals: The applicant may ask at any time up to 2 years from the crime for an informal reconsideration of the application by the program director. Within 20 days of the notice of the decision, the applicant may appeal for an evidentiary hearing before the deputy commissioner of the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Based on the hearing officer’s findings of fact, the director may modify or reaffirm the original decision. Following this decision, the applicant may appeal to the full commission within 20 days. After the commission’s decision, the applicant has 30 days to appeal to the court of appeals. BENEFITS Maximum award: $15,000 Compensable Costs (with limits) Medical expenses Mental health counseling: no separate maximum for direct victims; $1,000 for family members of homicide victims. Lost wages/support: 2/3 of average weekly wage, not to exceed $200 per week Funerals: $3,500 Crime-scene cleanup: $1,000 Moving expenses: $500 Replacement services: housekeeping and cost of child care while victim is hospitalized if other alternatives are not available Travel: to obtain medical assistance Emergency: $2,000

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