Why do they do what they do?

They are the latest faces of heinous crime in our country: Dennis Radar, known as the B-T-K killer, and Joseph Duncan – and they have been accused of torturing and killing many.

As we have covered these two men and their actions, the question keeps surfacing: Why do they do what they do?

Jeremy Johnson spoke with a clinical psychologist to answer that very question.

Dr. Kenneth Lindsey/Clinical Psychologist: “For a long, long time we’ve been searching and people the world over have been searching to explain these adherent behaviors.”

The cases of Dennis Radar, known as the B-T-K killer, and Joseph Duncan, who has been accused of brutal murder and molestation, are often studied by psychologists, trying to dissect their background to determine why they did what they did.

Clinical psychologist, Kenneth Lindsey, has read over pages of research that divides violent offenders into these four categories: Those who kill out of rage, those who commit sexually sadistic and ritualized murder, those who commit murder a perverted chaotic way, and those who are planning rape but accidentally kill the victim.

But this analysis has been made after these crimes have already been committed.

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